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LingYu International Psychology Centre was founded in 2009, Toronto, Canada. Since then, LingYu has helped many people in Canada and the worldwide improve their mental health needs. A group of experienced psychotherapists in LingYu offers state-of-art individual therapy, family therapy and group therapy.



LingYu International Psychology Centre provides wide range of psychological assessments and therapies to individuals, couples, families and children. We also provide assessment and therapy for survivors in motor vehicle accidents or workplace accidents. We also

provide consultation and training to schools, companies, and communities.

Meet our team

Registered Psychotherapist
Marriage & Family,
Interpersonal relationship adjustment,
Career Planning, Anxiety

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)
Individual and group therapy, Parent coach, Intimate relationship, Career development, Depression

Registered Psychotherapist
Interpersonal relationships,
Parent-Child relationships,
LGBTQ Concerns,
Emotion Management

Psychological Assessments, School Neuropsychological Evaluations, Consultations

Registered Psychotherapist
Intimacy, Marriage, Post-traumatic psychological adjustment, Personal exploration, Hospice care

Registered Psychotherapist
Emotional regulation, Anxiety, Depression, Traumatic experiences, Domestic violence-related incident

Registered Psychotherapist
Marital Problems,
Parenting; Intimacy,
Unresolved Trauma

Stress management, Anger management, Family counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychological assessment and testing

Registered Psychotherapist
Individuals, Families, Groups
Creativity Training

Clinical Psychologist
Anxiety, Anger management, Depression, Relationship, Self-esteem, Women's issues, Post-traumatic Stress

Psychotherapy Practitioner
Youth-related Issues,
Marital Issues,
Personality Disorders,
Mood Disorders

Registered Psychotherapist
Anger managerment, Anxiety, Divoice, Family conflict, Parenting, Women's issues


COVID-19 Measures

Virtual services including phone and video counselling are now available at LingYu International Psychology Centre. In-person counselling is still available but with a limited capacity. For in-person visits, we are currently practicing a set of protocols to help ensure your safety and avoid spread of COVID-19 infection.

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LingYu Clinic Centre Website: LINGYU.ca

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