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Dr. Natasha Williams

Clinical Psychologist
Anxiety, Anger management, Depression, Relationship, Self-esteem, Women's issues, Post-traumatic Stress

Dr. Natasha Williams

A registered clinical psychologist in Ontario with rich experience in psychological counselling, psychological evaluation, and psychotherapy.

Areas of expertise:
-Emotional distress
-Workplace difficulties
-Relationship difficulties
-Anger Management
-Loss, grief and bereavement
-Cross-cultural issues
-Chronic pain management
-Motor vehicle accidents
-Stress management
-Women' s issues
-Post-traumatic stress
-Communication Skills

I am a registered psychologist and my qualifications include a Psy.D in Clinical Psychology. I am a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, which regulates the provision of psychological services and a member of the Ontario Psychological Association, which is a voluntary organization, committed to the advancement of the practice and science of psychology.

I have worked with clients in diverse settings including community health centres, general hospitals, social service agencies, community colleges and private practice. In my clinical practice, I provide assessment and individual psychotherapy services to clients from diverse ethno-racial backgrounds, gender and socio-economic backgrounds.

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