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Svetlana Gabidulina

Stress management, Anger management, Family counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychological assessment and testing

Svetlana Gabidulina

Professional Fields
-Rehabilitation psychology
-Psychological assessment and testing
-Single-parent families and related issues
-Psychological evaluation of self-restricted people (hesitating to do things)
-Family counselling
-Psychological trauma counselling
-Stress management
-Anger management

Educational Backgrounds and Awards
-The Psychologist Licence with licence code awarded by the Ontario College of Psychology in Canada in
-The qualification of psychotherapists awarded by the Moscow Institute of Psychology in 1998
-The Ph.D. degree awarded by Moscow State University in 1991
-The authoritative Canadian academic certification agency (University of Toronto Comparative
Education Center) certifies that the above degrees are equivalent to Canadian universities
-Master of Science awarded by Moscow State University in 1978

Work Experiences
-She is currently independently engaging in psychological rehabilitation and counselling, which mainly
includes mental health problems, stress problems, psychological trauma, couples counselling, anxiety,
depression, pain management, etc.
-2000-present: Part-time clinical practice in Sunnyside Rehabilitation Center.
-2001-2002: Part-time clinical practice in the Pain Management Department of Toronto Western Hospital. -1997-2000: Full-time service in the Moscow Family Service Center. Targets and responsibilities involved
providing short-term psychological treatment to women suffering from depression, abused women and
single parents, to improve patients' self-confidence, enhance their independence and improve their
interpersonal skills. In addition, her work also involved couple relationships, family planning, education
of children, conflict resolution, etc. She also used cognitive behavioural therapy to treat elderly people
with autism and chronic diseases for five years.
-1991-2000: Associate professor at the Department of Psychology, Moscow Linguistic University.
Teaching introductory courses in health psychology and clinical psychology. She has engaged in the
Compilation of the student book "Introduction to Psychology", supervision of student internships,
revision of student papers, student psychological counselling and general psychology development
-1985-1991: her thesis "Individual Differences in Psychotherapy" won a postgraduate scholarship from
Moscow State University and successfully defended it in 1991.
-1983-1985: Psychotherapist at the Moscow Electronic Engineering Factory. During this period, she
engaged in the design of the workers' psychological lounge. In the process of self-discipline training, the
best lighting conditions are designed according to the adverse reactions and fatigue types of workers in
different departments (such as wireless electronic assembly interpreters that easily cause eye fatigue,
etc.). Other tasks involved choosing suitable visual and musical effects for the slideshow. Self-discipline
training was carried out every day for five to six groups (10-15 people per group) of workers. She also
conducted a test about the workers’ mood, satisfaction and fatigue level before and after the self-
discipline training.

-Member of the Canadian Psychological Association
-Member of Art Therapy Branch of International Association of Experimental Aesthetics
-Member of Hypnosis Clinical Therapy Society

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